How to choose a cruise ship cabin

An essential part of your cruising experience is which cabin you choose to stay in. That depends entirely on what you plan to do on board and where you’ll be spending most of your time. Cabin location also plays an important role, as do medical conditions. We’ll delve into all that and more below.

How to choose a cruise ship cabin

Types of Cabins

Cruise ships have four types of cabins (also known as staterooms) namely, inside cabins, outside cabins, balcony cabins, and suites.

Inside or Interior cabins are the smallest of the lot and have no windows, this usually makes them the most affordable. If you plan to be out and about for the most of the cruise, and just need somewhere to rest after a busy day, this is the one for you.

Outside or Oceanview cabins are similar to inside cabins, but feature a porthole offering a view to the outside world. These are great if you plan to make full use of the ship’s facilities, but still want a little line to the outside world from your cabin.

Balcony cabins are more spacious and have outdoor areas which let you get some fresh air without having to go out, up onto the public deck. Looking for somewhere to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon tea without having to cross half the ship? The balcony cabin is your best option!

Suites are the most lavish of the lot and are larger than the cabins, often featuring separate living and sleeping areas and other additional perks. They can range in size, but all are exceedingly spacious and fitted with finest finishes and latest amenities.

Types of Cabins

Cabin Location

A cruise ship is more than just a floating hotel, it’s a full service resort with all the facilities and amenities that you can imagine. While this is excellent for your enjoyment and entertainment, it can lead to a less than pleasant stay if you’re stuck in an unfortunately located cabin.

The number one thing to consider when looking at locations on the ship is noise. Cabins beneath big common areas like the lido deck, where the outdoor pools and other facilities are located, are often prone to perpetual noise. With everything from children jumping and screaming, to revellers partying late in the night, and crew cleaning up and setting up in between, silence can quickly become a precious commodity. Cabins adjacent to casinos and lounges suffer from similar shortcomings.

Forward cabins on the ship might not be subject to the sounds of festive passengers, but they do suffer from the sound of constantly crashing waves. Also, the bow of the ship is more sensitive to the rise and fall of the water, and cabins here are not ideal if you suffer from motion sickness.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom, and there are a plenty of cabins with great locations. Cabins nestled between other cabins are a great option, and only in rare cases will you have to contend with noisy neighbours. Aft cabins offer spectacular views, but just be wary of the exact location – you don’t want to be too close to exhaust fumes or soot. If you plan to get around a lot on board, midship cabins are a great choice. They are less affected by the ship’s movement in the water, and their central location means they’re close to everything.

Cabin Location

Expert Advice

Even cabins of the same class differ from ship to ship, and your best bet is to consult a travel agent you can give you a breakdown of each. In addition, travel agents often know about hidden gems – cabins that offer more than their face value, or have been identified as consistent favourites.

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