Choosing an Itinerary

Often, the most daunting part of any cruise takes place before it’s really started: choosing an itinerary. Questions seem to outnumber answers, and the entire experience can quickly become an overwhelming, even disheartening undertaking. But, don’t lose hope! Read on as we tackle some of the most frequently asked questions regarding choosing a cruise itinerary.

What is there to do

Are cruises all-inclusive and are they expensive?

Most cruise packages include the basics – meals, selected drinks, and some activities – but are not all-inclusive. Day trips and certain activities may be excluded, and drinks inclusions are limited, therefore it is recommended to add a drinks package and set aside budget for excursions and activities. Even so, cruises compare very well with similar holidays that also include meals and activities. What sets them apart, is the tremendous value offered. Transfers become irrelevant once you set foot on the ship; on-board activities abound; every day offers a new destination; everything’s in one spot, and there’s no need to “pack for the day”; and thanks to the variety of cruises and cruise ships available, there’s a cruise for everyone.

Are cruises all-inclusive and are they expensive

What’s it like being on a cruise, are they all the same?

Being on a cruise is like living in a floating resort city. Everything has been designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, and nothing is out of reach. That being said, what’s on offer differs from ship to ship. G Adventures’ ships are rugged explorer vessels with refined interiors, Ponant ships are a superb balance of style, sophistication and luxury, Holland America Line’s and Norwegian Cruise Line’s elegant fleets boast innovative features and modern facilities, Hurtigruten’s ships have a rich legacy, its history dating back to 1893, yet have kept up with all the latest trends, and the ships of the Royal Caribbean’s fleet are floating modern marvels. Each lines’ fleet is unique and has its own character and charm, choosing one is simply a matter of deciding which one lines up most closely with your own preferences and expectations.

What’s it like being on a cruise, are they all the same?

Who’s it for?

Cruising is for everyone: old and young, married and single, adventurous and more reserved, there is something for everyone. For example, Royal Caribbean’s Quantam Class features innovative amenities like the iFLY® simulator, the North StarSM observation capsule, and the SeaplexSM, perfect for the young and young at heart, G Adventures’ ships take passengers to the ends of the earth for extraordinary experiences, Ponant offers intimate experiences on its smaller vessels ideal for young lovers or old hearts, it all depends on what kind of cruise you want. And, you can rest assured that you feel right at home whatever you choose.

Who’s it for?

What’s there to do?

The better question would be what’s not there! As we mentioned above, cruise ships are essentially floating resorts, and as such offer everything you’d expect from a luxury resort and more. Wellness areas and fitness centres, theatres and pool decks, fine dining and classy bars, are all standard on modern cruise ships. In addition, casinos, spas, art galleries, workshops, Broadway-like shows, and more are also on offer on many ships. Holland America boasts exclusive BBC Earth Natural History content aboard its ships, as well as a selection of live cooking shows and hands-on workshops in partnership with America’s Test Kitchen, Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Aqua Parks are a site to behold and an experience to be lived, and on any Hurtigruten cruise you’ll be mesmerised by the voyage itself before you can even begin to think of finding distractions.

What is there to do

Next Steps?

Get booking! Choose your destination or route, find your cruise line, and get out there – there’s a whole world of new experiences waiting to be discovered.


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